Mar 4, 2012: Finding the signs

This week, our ducks kept us on our toes. They have begun to lay their eggs in new places every few days. First, they laid eggs in random places in our yard, out in the open. Then it was the hollow on the north side of the basement wall, then the nook between the shelter and the fence, then the other end of the nook, then the hollow again, and then the former residence of the large duck shelter, which of course they have never actually used for shelter. But yesterday, they began laying eggs under the steps to the deck. God had me looking that direction or I would never have found them. It’s kind of a game, now, for me and my wife; where will the ducks lay them today? I hear them quacking maniacally (“They’ll never look here! Ah, hahahahaha!!”).

The Thermal Windows people come this week to replace our old windows with new efficient ones, and we can hardly wait. Our electric company will be getting less of our money, Lord willing. Nothing against the electric company, of course. As far as we know.

Amy baked a lot this week. She baked cupcakes for JB’s birthday. She baked a cake for dinner at my folks. She baked cornbread for dinner, made egg salad with duck eggs (YUM!), and stir fry on another day. Her cooking gives me reason to thank God for our food each meal.

Our peach tree has some beautiful flowers already, and our apple tree shows inches of growth from last year. We look forward to fruit, though it may take a few years of pruning for the trees to get strong enough. We hope to see some berries, too. Some other trees are putting out green leaves, and the chickweed needs mowing. (Groan) It doesn’t wait for you to be ready, although my wife really loves our riding mower. You should see her in fifth gear; just don’t get in her way. Maybe I can swing a deal…

I finally changed the oil in my Honda Civic, which is gray. The car, not the oil. My wife insists my car is purple because I always respond with mostly feigned indignation that it most certainly is not. I don’t want a purple car. But it isn’t primer-gray, so maybe she has a point. Don’t tell her I said so.

We went to an estate sale on Thursday, and bought a 17-ft extension ladder so I can make our insurance agent richer when I fall off. Just kidding; I’ll be careful. It will allow me to get some branches down from trees I have been itching to remove for almost a year now. We had about 3 severe ice storms over a period of less than 5 years, and they destroyed the tops and outer limbs of a great many trees in our area. Ours have not been tended to in some time. I plan to fix those trees, but good. You can tell ’em I’m coming…and my chainsaw’s comin’ with me!

I’ve got a syndrome; I think it happens every spring. I feel overcome by a desire to clean and organize, especially if there is a lot of other stuff to do. This weekend, I reorganized and cleaned half of the basement, the half that has my tools and the kids’ toys for outside. It needed doing, but I spent the whole day doing it, and now I want to do more. The school cabinet is next, and we already did the video cabinet. And I want to spread the desire for neat cleanness to everyone in the house, to every room and surface! Hahahahaha!

Sorry, I get a little carried away sometimes. If my wife complains that she can’t find anything, or one our kids goes missing for days, or we have more stuff in the give away pile than in our closets…just know the neatnik gnomes have been at work. No clutter is safe.


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