April 22, 2012: completely undone

I will start here by describing several examples of exercises in futility, reminders of the undeniable concept of entropy, because of the sermon I heard today. Lemme ‘splain.

Our two ducklings are stinkin’ up the house in their high security tub, so we decided to keep them outdoors in a coop during the day. They’ve grown to twice their beginning size in the last two weeks. So I spent Saturday afternoon making a coop out of pallets and screws. I was feeling proud about the stabilizing roof I was putting on until my wife pointed out they would be in the dark all day. Hm. She had a point, so I spent more time taking it off, but at least it works now.

While I was thus engaged, my lovely wife mowed the yard with riding mower and push mower, and she did great. Just before she finished, the mower started smoking, and we discovered the belt was offline; I must see to that. And each time we want to start it, it  has to be jumpstarted due to a corroded battery; I must see to that. And a tire on said mower has a slow leak, so I take my air tank to the gas station to get air, but the air tank leaks; I must see to that. Hm.

I bought a live trap for the egg-snatcher; we found shells of at least 6 of our duck eggs destroyed one day; two more taken on another day. The worst is that our ducks are not setting at all or laying as many eggs now. I considered better fencing for the yard and an enclosure for the ducks, but I like the trap idea better: it’s cheaper, and I look forward to passing sentence on the culprit. We forgot spray for our fruit trees – all our peaches are oozing, probably from a critter eating them. I must see to that. Hm.

Pastor Craig had another very relevant sermon today, all about being restless in soul, and how peace is found in God alone. He admonished practicing to be still before the Lord, remembering all that He has done, and knowing He can run the universe while our work is left undone. Undone – so much of my life, especially my land and home improvement projects, seem incomplete, left for now because of an urgent crisis or another obligation. It’s frustrating to feel like my life is always under construction and never completed. God used Pastor Craig to remind me that He will finish what He began in me, and that He has helped us to complete so much already. There is still much to be done, but He will see to that. Hm.

We finished the day with a very satisfying event. We set fire (yes, finally, even me) to a big pile of branches in the swampy yard, and managed to burn all of another pile and nearly all of a third. That leaves only four piles left to burn. I must see…oh, wait, God will make room for that at the right time. We decided to invite my folks over for a hot-dog roast and s’mores, and they came, even on such short notice. We had a blast! The kids ran around, the adults enjoyed conversation, and the fire was a great show. After they left, I set the traps, doused the fire, and took out the trash, and now I’m blogging…and I’m loving it all! I’m doing what I was made to do, and only God could have led me here. I will remain undone before the Lord, and wait for Him to finish what He has begun. Him.

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