We homeschool, and I’m a teacher…part 2

Okay, I got a little carried away there on the last post. I feel passionately about how education works and doesn’t.

Now, how do I reconcile being a teacher in a system I seem to oppose by home-educating my own children? Good question.

There are some benefits to working as a teacher. I am home in the evenings, on holidays, and in the summer, and there are few travel requirements, so I can be a part of the family more often and have a more significant influence. But there is another purpose for me.

I think of myself as a kind of missionary to the unaware and inexperienced, like Morpheus in The Matrix. He comes to those who wonder, who look for alternatives to what is, and he helps them see the big picture, to escape from the system that isn’t enough for them. I see myself in much the same light in my classroom, explaining to my students, their parents, and my colleagues about a way to reach the same objective as a school in a more efficient, flexible, effective, and enjoyable way. I also reveal to them the newness of the school-system culture, that home-education was, and is becoming again, the predominant methodĀ of education world-wide.

The way things are is not the way they always have been, nor the way they always will be; there was life before cell phones, and there was life before any education system was invented. The way things are is not necessarily the way they should be. Just because it’s all we had doesn’t mean it is the best for our kids.

I have been given a unique opportunity; I can tell school kids about home-education, and I can tell home-educators about schools. I have the credibility to speak about both, and evaluate them side-by-side from my own experience. But that’s another post.

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