Excused from Greatness

We Americans don’t want to be great. It’s too much work, and definitely too much suffering. We want people to know we could be great if we, um, you know, had a perfect set of circumstances and didn’t have to give up anything, but, golly, I have this ADD thing going on, and my parents aren’t perfect, and my teachers aren’t competent, and my friends add so much digital drama, and I have to catch my favorite show or video game, and keeping up with my friends’ tastes in entertainment takes such an effort…I just don’t have anything left for greatness.

Sure, the stories of great men and women are inspiring…a little. But life’s so easy, so comfortable, and has so many excuses for justifying myself just the way I am that I don’t have to be great. I could be; I mean, I’ve got dreams, talents, passions…kind of. But not right now – I just got a text! It could be a casual acquaintance, sharing ignorance and digital drama that I just have to indulge in! I don’t want to deal with the mess and the pain and the pressure of a real life. I don’t want to face my fears, my weaknesses, my mistakes, and I certainly do not want to make any real decisions that require actions that bring any consequences. Real life is too uncomfortable. Please excuse me…from greatness.

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