June 11, 2013: Incongruous in Progress

Close your eyes, but hold tight to the rope.

Now, jump! Wheeeeeeeee! Keep your eyes closed!

Now let go, and reach for the next rope as you fly through the air…

Pause. This is where I am headed right now, suspended in between secure and stable places to land, holding on to nothing visible, nothing tangible, and nothing certain. It makes you think…

At least, I think it does. Maybe it’s better not to. Yesterday, I didn’t really have a choice. It went like this…(cue accordion intro)

The plan was to use my push-mower in the sweltering humidity of the morning before it became the scorching humidity of the afternoon. Task completed, very sweaty, whew! I decided to shower and dress for my meeting and short stop at school for a few odds and ends from my computer. My wife continued using the riding mower while I cleaned up. (dramatic music)

As soon as I was semi-professionally dressed, my lovely wife informed me that the mower was under attack! Actually, something was under the mower: carpet, which is held down with tacks. Yes, it’s a stretch. It’s carpet…it has to stretch. This stuff wasn’t about to let go of the mower blade, however, so I had to lie down and reach under the mower to try ripping the stuff off. After many fruitless attempts, I began counting the stains on my semi-professional outfit…and gave that up quickly. I would have to change clothes again. And I could have showered again, I was so sweaty.

See, in Oklahoma, when the humidity is up, we can grow crops in our laundry (nearly), so you just plan on being sticky and wet no matter what you wear when you go outside for longer than 3 seconds.

I got the mower fixed, earning some scratches and yelping from time to time. (sigh) Death to Self, right? Well, it hurts. Just sayin’.

After a change of clothes, I headed out to make a download at the office, but due to administrative issues, couldn’t, so I planned to leave early, but I ran into an old friend who needed to talk, and after a wonderful time of sharing and praying, I left for my other job later than expected. Actually, I was late.

Being a few minutes late to my other job as a tutor didn’t hurt today, though, because my client was also late. God is good. And unexpected. You would think, after walking with God for these years, that I would expect something adventurous, but I seem to fall into the trap of never expecting change like everyone else. I laugh at this characteristic, but we all struggle with it, don’t we? God is always gentle with us, but I know we give Him reason to chuckle.

And that was my day; at least, that’s what I remember. Maybe there was more…

“K, you ever flashy-thinged me?


“I ain’t PLAYIN’ witchoo, K!” – Men in Black





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