Our Treehouse from God

We live in a 3-story A-frame on 5 wooded acres among 60+ ft. high pecan trees. We live in a flood plain with an above-ground basement, no garage or carport, and our only street access is from 2 one-lane bridges. How to describe it…”unconventional” comes to mind, but in spite of its very odd characteristics, it is perfect for us, another example of God’s perfect design at work. The story of how and when we got it is further testimony. Lemme ‘splain.

We were living in my parents’ house, renting while they lived in an apartment, and I must say that the discount they gave us on rent was incredible. We owe them a lot for that. Thanks so much, Mom and Dad. Anyway, we decided it was time to get our own place. God had moved in our hearts to desire a place on some land in the country, and my parents wanted to move, too. Us moving out solved everything.

So we began looking for a house in the summer of 2010. We found a crazy huge one in Claremore on a little land, but someone else’s offer was taken first. We found a small one on land more out in the country, a few miles from my in-laws, in need of so much repair work that it was dirt cheap. Like less-than-a-year’s-salary cheap. We figured the repairs and some expanding into our mortgage, and we could still afford it, so we made an offer, and began a lengthy series of paperwork battles. Days before closing, the Holy Spirit prompted me to ask for a copy of the legal description so I could determine the boundaries of our property. The description did not match the property, and when it was looked into, we discovered the sellers had foreclosed on the wrong legal description.

Translation: the house had to come off the market for the 6-month process of reforeclosure. We had to kiss it goodbye, and we are still trying to get our inspection money back from the sellers. The day after we decided to let it go, my mother-in-law reminded us of a house we had thought was too expensive, also near my in-laws. We looked at it, and we liked it, even though it was in a flood plain. The price had come down into our range, and the viewing confirmed our desire – we made a lower offer, they took it, inspections went well, and we moved in just before Easter of 2011, about tax time, the anniversary of our engagement. Spring rains brought no flooding.

God confirmed His plan for us to have the house with every step, and we still see so much potention in it. It has some work to be done that I looked forward to doing, inside and out, and it has room to grow, room for our kids, a garden, animals, and more. We live in it now, and are taking steps to prepare for a flood if it comes, but we don’t live in fear; God has plans for us to be here and to do things, and we are too busy doing them to worry about what He controls. Please come visit; we’d love to see you. We have lots of dirt. :)


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