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Tinkering uncontrollably

I need more self-control. I tinker all the time. I’m an incontinent tinkerer, according to my wife, ’cause I tinker constantly. I tinker in my house, in my basement, in my car, in my head, in public, indoors, outdoors (not … Continue reading

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America’s Obesity Problem

We are so fat…mentally and spiritually. We can’t think fast, decide quickly, or act decisively because we haven’t practiced filtering. That is, we don’t evaluate what goes into our eyes and ears very often because we’re so busy cramming so … Continue reading

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Excused from Greatness

We Americans don’t want to be great. It’s too much work, and definitely too much suffering. We want people to know we could be great if we, um, you know, had a perfect set of circumstances and didn’t have to … Continue reading

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April 28, 2013: Country Music, Second and Third verses

“Igor! It’s alive!” “OOGGG! ME MAKE FIRE FIRST TIME! WIFE NEVER BELIEVE ME, BUT ASHES TELL TRUE STORY!” Yes, we did actually burn off a huge pile(s) of branches last week, in spite of the gusty winds. The wind, though, … Continue reading

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