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Thorpeshire Tutoring information

What we offer: One-on-one Tutoring, small group tutoring, and group workshops   What we cover: Middle School, High School, and College level Math and Science, and ACT/SAT prep   Why we’re qualified: 5 years of middle school math and science … Continue reading

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December, 2014: I can’t believe it’s not weather

I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I hung up the phone to begin watering the trees, I heard a soft pinging all over the leaves. It was ice. Tiny ice pellets, denser than snow, but too small to be … Continue reading

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Why choose to believe that a Supreme Omnipotent Supernatural Being would create the entire physical universe out of His own mind, from nothing, with no help, and make no mistakes, in seven 24-hour days? I mean, look at how everything … Continue reading

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Beware unGodly Soapiness

I do not watch soap operas. I deliberately avoid serial media or literature that perpetuate irresolution. I love resolution; seeing all the loose ends tied up brings me great satisfaction and relief, plus it’s also an opportunity to admire the … Continue reading

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